Sauna for men

A separate venue with guests and only male personnel. There is a wide range of sauna, cosmetics and cosmetology procedures which will be chosen by our specialists based on individual features of your body.
400 uah
per hour


🕐 1 hour
400 uah
🕑 2 HOURs
500 uah
🕒 3 HOURs
600 uah
🕛 Unlimited attendance
800 uah
Rent of complex after 10 pm
3 500 uah
Not less than 2 hours necessarily — 3500 uah. Each additional hour
 — 500 uah.
Bathhouse (on the firewood)
Wet sauna is impossible without steam or a broom. A broom is the main instrument for those who want to take a steam in bathhouse. It's main mission is to open pores and purify your body. Besides the massage of your hot body with a broom will reinforce the impact of purification, improve your skin and help in fighting against cellulite.
Turkish Hammam
Turkish hammam is a slow eastern steaming at low temperatures. The ritual of attending Turkish hammam can be called a meditation- with the help of slow respiration and slow heating you will be able to open your chakras for body and mind exfoliation and enjoy internal harmony.
Ice Swimming Pool
While emerging in the frigid water after sauna your body feels younger and more energetic, it will help to restore your blood flow and supply all cells with necessary oxygen. Bathing in icy water after hot sauna is a necessary and strongly recommended part of the ritual.
Rest Zone
In this zone you can relax socializing with a friend, play table games or just have a rest enjoying fresh drinks.